Disorders of the Nervous System

The purpose of this activity is to conduct research into the variety of diseases that affect the nervous system. Each group will be given a disease to research. Your findings should include the following aspects:
  • Causes of the disease
  • Symptoms
  • Average age when the symptoms appear
  • Long term prognosis i.e.does the condition deteriorate, is the condition fatal?
  • Treatment (if any is available)
  • Prevalence i.e. how common is the disease, is it more common amongst particular population groups?
  • Are there any life-style choices that can be made to avoid or lessen one's chances of contracting the disease

You are also required to discuss the hardships and life-style conditions that sufferers experiences. Some suggested inclusions are:
  • How care-givers can assist patients in making their lives as pleasant as possible
  • How homes can be made suitable for sufferers
  • Financial support: availability and collection of disability grants
  • Public perception of sufferers

Make sure you reference all sites that you use, and try to include relevant and meaningful links and pictures if appropriate.